Public Transportation

From Tokyo

From Shinjuku Station (West Exit Highway Bus terminal)

  • Traveling by the Chuo Express Highway Bus

The reservation counter is located in front of an electronics store called   Yodobashi Camera near Shinjuku Station's West Exit. Phone reservations are available at 03-5376-2222 or 0555-72-5111, or by accessing (Japanese only)
It takes approximately1hour and 45minutes and costs 1,750 yen.
Shinjyuku Station → Kawaguchiko Station

  • Traveling by train

Take the JR Chuo Line going to Otsuki Station, then change to the Fujikyuko Line going to Kawaguchiko Station. This route takes approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes, and costs 2,457 yen in total.
If you take a special express train from Shinjuku to Otsuki, it costs an extra 1,450 yen. This route takes approximately 2 hours and it cost 3,907 yen in total.
Shinjuku Station → Otsuki Station → Kawaguchiko Station

From Narita/ Haneda Airport

Take the JR or Keisei train lines or a limousine bus to Shinjuku station. For information on traveling from Shinjuku Station to Kawaguchiko Station, please refer to the routes given in the above directions.

From Osaka or Kyoto

Take the Tokaido bullet train from Shin-Osaka or Kyoto to Mishima station. It takes approximately 2 hours 45 minutes and costs 12,080 yen from Shin-Osaka and 11,100 yen from Kyoto.
Then take Fujikyuko bus from Mishima station to Kawaguchiko. It takes approximately 1 hours 30 minutes and cost 2,480 yen.
*Bus time table info at : (English page available)

For Japan Rail Pass holders: If you want to use JR lines as

Shin-Osaka or Kyoto → Tokyo → *(Shinjuku) → Otsuki
*Occasionally, changing trains at Shinjuku station is required.

From Otsuki, there is no JR train service. You need to take the Fujikyuko line to Kawaguchiko.
You can find more information at

NOTE: All facts are current as of 2012-12-1(above information may be subject to change)

Parking Lots

There are toll free car parking lots for a total of 60 cars at Country Cottage Ban. They are conveniently located from each cottage that guests with plenty of luggage can carry them at ease.
There is also a large vehicle parking lot for motorcoaches. Please inquire in advance for its availability.

Free Shuttle Bus Service (Reservation required)

We offer free shuttle bus service for 10 or more guests to and from
Kawaguchiko Station of Fuji Kyuko Line.
Reservation and Inquiry by Telephone

Call us between 9:30~20:00

+81 555-76-8090