Cuisine & Shopping

Q: Where are the nearest convenience store and supermarket?
Convenience store is about 15 minutes on foot, about 3 to 4 minutes by car (See "Area Attraction for more details"). Supermarket is 10 minutes away by car.

Q: What products are beign sold in the shop?
Simple seasonings such as salt and pepper, alchole, foil, plastic wrap, ice cream, ice, etc..

Q: Is there any restaurants nearby?
There are Japanese and Wetern style rrestaurants around, within 5 minutes by car. (Please refer [Area Attraction] for more details)

Q: Could you help to prepare ingredients for BBQ?
Please refer BBQ Empty-handed plan menu by clcking [Download PDF] in the bottom of the page. Please do make a reservation by latest time of 10am 1 day before your check in date.

Q: Is there food delivery service that I can order from cottage?
Each cottage there is information for food delivery service such as sushi, udon (Japanese noodle), Kamameshi (Rice), Tempura (Japanese fried vegetables/seafood etc.) Please order on your own, if necessary.

Q: Do you serve breakfast?
There are some guests cook breakfast on their own in the room. You may also order by calling us, please check our [Service] page, [Cuisine] part.

Empty-handed BBQ Plan Menu


Download BBQ Plan Menu