Q: How much does it cost for BBQ rental tools?
Fare: JPY 3,500 / Set / Approx. 7~8 people (Tax exclusive)

The set includes: (7~8 people) iron pans, grills, firelighters, tongs, lighters, scoops, 3kg charcoals, fans, cotton work gloves, hibashi(Japanese tongs)

Q: How much does it cost for additional charcoal?
500 JPY (excluding tax) / box.

Q: Can I bring individual BBQ tool?
We are sorry, but it is not allowed to bring your own BBQ tools.

Q: Can I bring Dutch oven as well as smokers?
In the condition of you use our rental BBQ set, it does not matter.

Q: Is BBQ Reservation required?
It is basically okay if you can sign up upon check-in, but guests booking more than 15 people building, please confirm with us beforehand just in case.

Q: Is BBQ possible in the rainy days?
As long as it is not compelling bad weather, it is available since it has a roof, lighting with.

Q: Is BBQ possible in winter as well?
Yes, it's possible. But in case the temperature drops too low, we recommend you to do it in the daylight time.

Q: Available time for BBQ?
After your check-in time ~ 21:00.

Q: Can you help to prepare the ingredients of the BBQ?
Please refer BBQ Empty-handed plan menu by clcking [Download PDF] in the bottom of the page. Please do make a reservation by latest time of 10am 1 day before your check in date.

Q: Is there enough amount of BBQ Empty-handed plan?
It depends on person, but we have not received any complaints about the amount.

Q: Can I purchase seasonings at your property?
As a general rule, all the ingredients as well as food related except BBQ rental tools, you need to prepare by yourself.

Q: Is beer server for rent?
Please contact us beforehand if necessary.

Rental fee: 1,500 JPY + 750 JPY / liter (Oder from 7 L)

*When you bring your own beer server: Surcharge for 3,000 JPY.

Empty-handed BBQ Plan Menu

BBQ Plan Menu