Navigation for car driving to the property

Turn left to Lake Saiko direction

*Do not go straight ahead towards the tunnel.

Turn right at the end of the bridge towards the Sarumawashi Theater direction.

Go straight along the river.

Turn left marking the sign.

Take the middle road following the sign.

Area Map

Parking Lots

There are toll free car parking lots for a total of 60 cars at Country Cottage Ban. They are conveniently located from each cottage that guests with plenty of luggage can carry them at ease.
There is also a large vehicle parking lot for motorcoaches. Please inquire in advance for its availability.

Free Shuttle Bus Service (Reservation required)

We offer free shuttle bus service for 10 or more guests to and from
Kawaguchiko Station of Fuji Kyuko Line.
Reservation and Inquiry by Telephone

Call us between 9:30~20:00

TEL: +81 555-76-8090